Common questions while applying

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People are saying they got $$$ in scholarships from a school. What does that mean?#

Each $ is equivalent to 25% tuition (excludes CoL).

  • $ = 25% scholarship
  • $$ = 50% scholarship
  • $$$ = 75% scholarship
  • $$$$ = full ride
  • $$$$+ = full ride + stipend (Yes, these exist.)

What do the tiers of softs (T2, T3, T4) mean?#

The soft tiers that LSData uses are based off of a comment made by /u/whistleridge from reddit.


The soft tiers are NOT to be taken super seriously. Softs are inherently unquantifiable. The tiers are very rough guidelines for putting a number on something that really can't be quantified. Don't take the tiers too seriously when comparing yourself to other applicants on LSData. Holistically valuing softs is the admissions comittee's job.

What is a splitter?#

See splitter.

How does LSData get information about acceptances, and scores, and GPAs, and whatever?#

Users like you give it to us. We think access to transparent data is fundamental to improving access to law school for all. Getting data from users is currently the best way to access lots of data that we trust isn’t altered. Potentially universities will give us better data in the future, but for now we love that LSData is driven by all of us.