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Law School Admissions for One Dummy

Glen Ready

Glen Ready

HLS 2L, farm kid, knows stuff about corn

I knew in the summer of the “law school admissions cycle” that I was going to “take the LSAT and go to law school.”

I understood these as the basic steps of going to law school, but honestly, I didn’t know much more than that.

I had one or two friends that had gone to the local law school, and from an external perspective, that’s what they did, so I figured that’s all there was to it.

Now, if that sounds naïve to you, you’re right.

Advice Corner: Choosing a law school

Riley Vann

Riley Vann

HLS 2L and USAF Captain


Your phone buzzes and it’s an unknown number – Cambridge area code. Immediately, your breath catches. You’ve heard that Harvard calls each applicant to admit them, but no way it's them. No way.

Heart racing, you answer it, and your admissions interviewer introduces themselves and asks how you are. You choke out a response and try to breathe…and then it happens.

“Well, I'm calling to say congratulations because...”

CUE. THE. FREAKOUT! 🤩🎉💃🍾🥳🤩🎉💃🍾🥳🤩🎉💃🍾