The chatrooms provide a place to connect with other applicants and joke/commiserate/vent about the application process.


There are three chatrooms (General, Advice, Off-Topic), each with their own rules.

General: Stay positive, helpful, and don't say anything you wouldn't chat with an adcom about. Have a serious question? Go to the Advice chat.

Advice: Be kind, be helpful, be patient. LSAT advice goes in off-topic, because we've all washed our hands of that test.

Off-Topic: Don't be toxic. LSAT advice, LSDating, GME, and rants belong here.

Chat vibe#

Chat vibe is an attempt at democratized moderation by the silent majority. Vote up if you like how chat is behaving. Vote down if you dislike it. Enough downvotes and the entire chatroom is wiped and put on timeout.


Moderators are volunteers that help guide the community and prevent things from becoming too neurotic/unproductive. Please be respectful. Want to be a moderator? Send an application over to


Type "GIVE WAVE" without the quotes to summon the wave-giver.