Frequently Asked Questions

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How much money is $$$, exactly? What does it mean when people say that they received a scholarship of $$?#

Each $ is equivalent to 25% tuition (excludes CoL).

  • $ = 25% scholarship
  • $$ = 50% scholarship
  • $$$ = 75% scholarship
  • $$$$ = full ride
  • $$$$+ = full ride + stipend (Yes, these exist.)

What do the tiers of softs mean?#

The soft tiers that LSData uses are based off of a comment made by /u/whistleridge from reddit.


The soft tiers are NOT to be taken super seriously. Softs are inherently unquantifiable. The tiers are very rough guidelines for putting a number on something that really can't be quantified. Don't take the tiers too seriously when comparing yourself to other applicants on LSData. Holistically valuing softs is the admissions comittee's job.

Where do you get all this data from?#

Most data on LSData is user reported. Some information is pulled from ABA 509 reports.

Do you vet or verify the data?#

Generally speaking, no. The system runs on good faith and the belief that there is little incentive to lie when your data is semi-anonymized and aggregated. Obvious errors such as reporting decision dates in the future, or an acceptance to YLS with a 120 LSAT are sometimes fixed.

Can schools see that LSData checked my status?#

TL;DR - Yes, it's possible but unlikely.

The longer answer: Theoretically, yes. It is theoretically possible for schools to see how many times LSData checked your status, but it's unlikely that schools have the actual capability to do so, and even less likely that the admissions committee would know or care about your individual status checking behavior.

In theory: all websites can see the IP address of visitors. LSData uses the same IP every time it checks a status, so schools can theoretically identify what requests are coming from LSData.

Lack of capability: Websites don't always log visitor IP addresses, and even it were logged, whatever status checker software LSAC provides for schools would need to make that log available to the end user through a pretty interface (e.g. for the adcom instead of some IT nerd that digs into the logs). It is possible that the interface shows the # of times someone has logged into the status checker. It is very unlikely that the interface has the ability to distinguish between where each status check comes from.

Adding in this capability is just a bunch of extra programming work (which costs $$$) for very little benefit. LSAC/schools have no rational reason to do this.

Lack of care: Even if the school's status checker interface had the capability, adcoms are very busy people that work through hundreds or thousands of applications. Further, being an admissions officer is a 9 to 5 job, not a passion. I think it is very unlikely that someone on the admissions committee will be interested in a barely relevant statistic.

How do I delete my LSData account?#

Send an email to to request account deletion. There is no account delete button because the entire point of LSData is public data sharing, so data deletion is discouraged. If the lack of a user-side account delete truly vexes you, you can manually delete your statuses and clear your profile stats.

Can you add DMs to LSData?#

There are currently no plans to add DMs to LSData. Reasons include: abuse concerns, lack of desire to turn LSData into a social network, technically boring to implement, questionable utility over existing chatrooms.

Why am I not receiving my verification/password reset email?#

If you have a or email address, you aren't receiving LSData emails because their flawed spam detection has identified LSData as a spammer and is blocking all emails from LSData. Please send an email to to get your account manually verified.